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Social Bookmarking MUST-DOs

When you work with social bookmarking sites to get more traffic, raise your site’s popularity, or raise search engine rankings for certain keyword phrases, then you are savvy to begin with. If you follow the rules, must-do’s, and necessities below, then you’ll have a much better shot at success.

First, only focus on the big social bookmarking websites. Most little sites will pick up the top stories from the biggest sites. Plus, a litany of blogs, websites, and journals will pick up top stories and report on them. The backlink snowball effect is amazing, but it all starts at the top. In this case, it’s wise to put all your eggs in one basket and shoot for the stars. The front page of the biggest social bookmarking site, Digg, is what you’re going for.

Second, prepare your server for the worst (which is also the best). The front page of Digg will net at least a couple hundred thousand unique visitors.

Third, post comments on all stories that you find interesting. Don’t post comments if you think they’ll be voted down, frowned upon, or don’t offer much to the discussion. The point of this is that like-minded people will add you to their list of friends. More friends equal more potential votes on your stories.

Fourth, don’t use automated submitters because some systems can recognize them and will penalize them. Other submitters might use malware, hijack passwords, and corrupt your profiles.

Fifth, use traffic-maintenance techniques if you get to the front page of Digg. A quarter of a million users will come to your link, but they’ll be gone in a few days time without techniques to keep them there. Include related links and interesting stuff that’s relevant to your original link. Include a newsletter subscription box if it’s appropriate and you think it will work. This is a good opportunity to turn your site into a sticky site. A sticky site is one that people come back to.

These tips will increase your chances of success with social bookmarking, but it’s a vibrant, changing field so keep up your studies!

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